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MHAA Impact and COVID-19 Mental Health Assessment

We want to serve you and our community better. Your feedback matters.

Please complete our assessment to give us feedback. For more information about the assessment please click here.

Assessment closes on Sunday, March 14, 2021.

MHAA’s mission is to provide leadership and support for hope, recovery, and mental wellness for all.

Mental Health America of Abilene, is a non-profit organization. Formerly known as Mental Health Association in Abilene.

Our purpose is to improve the lives of people with mental health concerns through the use of peer support, advocacy, educational forums, and outreach.

We offer a variety of peer-led weekly support groups, community resources and referrals to psychiatrists and agencies in the surrounding area. MHAA also offers peer to peer support on an individual and appointment basis. All free of charge. More info here.

Mental Health America of Abilene would like to reach out to those who struggle with their mental wellness and help them on their journey towards wellness. Our mission is to provide leadership and support for hope, recovery and mental wellness for all.

If you are willing to participate in your recovery, it is possible for anyone whether it’s for mental health or substance abuse to become healthier, gain more stability and live better lives. Developing a recovery plan can be essential to one’s journey of becoming stable again.

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