What is Peer Support?

Peer support is receiving help from someone who has had experience with their own personal mental health wellness, illness, and treatment. Individuals who participate in Peer Support may share similar experiences and may be able to listen, give hope and guidance toward recovery. They could be just as valuable and helpful as professional services.

The peer support we offer is not professional therapy. We do not diagnose or give out medical treatment.

While peer-led support groups may be composed entirely of people who have simply learned through their own experience, our peer providers underwent training and certification to qualify. We advocate to improve opportunities for people recovering from mental illnesses.

We do offer one-on-one peer support by appointments for a more intervening way of recovery for those who wish to seek help on in individualized basis. If you are interested in an appointment you can email brenda@abilenemha.org or call the office at 325-673-2300 to leave a message. 

We also have Peer-Led support groups that are free and open to anyone willing to take a step in their recovery to wellness. Currently all groups are done via internet due to COVID.

We look forward to serving you.