Our First “Caught Doing Good!” Post

Pre-Kindergarten Graduation Jitters

As the month of May comes around, it is filled with college, high school, kindergarten and pre-kindergarten graduation ceremonies. Many young adults and children have to walk up on stage, facing bright lights and what feels like millions of eyes beaming at them on stage. Many of those eyes are unfamiliar and scary, while a select few are familiar and full of love and pride.

One pre-kindergarten graduation in Merkel, Texas was struck with chaos as a timid four-year-old became overwhelmed with feelings of panic and anxiety about the idea of walking on stage by himself. It was half an hour before the ceremony began, so his parents had not arrived yet. However, his teacher, Mrs. Owen, and her aide took charge to help the frightened boy. They held him, carried him, and most importantly comforted him as he cried, buried his head in their shoulders, and shook. He exclaimed that he just couldn’t do it. The teacher’s aide held his hand and worked with the crying boy until he calmed down.

In the end, he was able to walk on stage all by himself! Both Mrs. Owen and her aide complemented him on his courage and bravery for walking by himself. With the help of his magnificent teachers, that crying, shaking boy turned into a brave confident graduating pre-kindergartner. A huge smile crept upon his face as he saw his mother’s beaming eyes and smile in the audience as he walked off stage.

We would like to dedicate this inaugural “Caught Doing Good” post to Mrs. Owen and her aide for helping this little boy progress through his anxiety. And, of course, a big “GREAT JOB!” to that graduated pre-kindergartner for being so brave!


Posted on 5-26-16. Story told by Brenda Dagestad. Verified by Samantha Manski.